Jonathan Gorridge FCA

Qualified: 1990  Partner Since: 2000
Specialisms: Academy Schools/Education, Solicitors Accounts, Healthcare
Interests: Football, Cricket, Flying

Clive Smith FCA DipPFS

Qualified: 1995  Partner Since: 2002
Specialisms: Financial Services, Construction/Building Industry, Academy Schools/Education, Small & Medium size Enterprises
Interests: Cycling, Motorsport, Travel

Danny McCartney FCA

Qualified: 2003  Partner Since: 2008
Specialisms: Statutory Audit, Solicitor Audit, Small and Medium Company Accounts & Taxation
Interests: Sports, Cooking

Daniel Nice BA FCA

Qualified: 2002  Partner Since: 2008
Specialisms: Statutory Audit, Solicitor Audit, Construction Industry
Interests: Astronomy, Photography, Football, Tennis, Snooker

Jason Lamont ACA

Qualified: 2016  Partner Since: 2021
Specialisms: Academy Schools/Education, Not for Profit, Construction Industry, Technology and Information Systems


Fiona Read FCA

Telephone: 01702 238303
Mobile: 07748 090074

Qualified: 1981
Specialisms: Academy Schools/Education, Construction/Building sector, Travel
Interests: Horse Riding, Piano, Reading

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