The partners and staff of MWS pride themselves on being an integral part of your business.

We can provide support in a variety of ways tailored to your needs. Some of the ways in which we can support you:

Telephone Support 

Subject to frequency, we do not as a norm charge for telephone support so if you have a question you should have no hesitancy in calling, in fact we encourage it!

Information Technology

Whether you are a new start up or an expanding business, choosing the right software to meet your book-keeping or payroll needs can be a challenge. With our broad experience we can assist in the choice, installation and in some cases training.

Management Information

Business managers should be fully informed to help them develop and grow their business. We provide support for management account preparation, review and recommendation.

Business Consultancy

At times when you are making those all important decisions, you need to have a good sounding board. We are here to be that board, to be consulted on any business matter, big or small.

more than just an accountant…

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